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PU Tube 8X12mm- 10meter Coil Hose Polyurethane Flexible Pneumatic pipe Tube

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Product description

Polyurethane combines the best properties of both plastic and rubber. It offers abrasion and tear resistance, high tensile and elongation values, and low compression set. Polyurethane is naturally flexible and exhibits virtually unlimited flexural abilities.
Combining good chemical resistance with excellent weathering characteristics sets polyurethane apart from most other thermoplastics. It has exceptional resistance to most gasolines, oils, kerosene, and other petroleum-based chemicals, making PU tubing and hose, also known as PUR tubing and hose, an ideal choice for fuel lines
Polyurethane tubes or Pu tubes are extra flexible and soft and are especially suitable in applications where short bending radii for the tubing are indispensable.
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