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O Ring Kit Rubber Nitrile Metric O Rings Box Metric Saize Series NBR-70, 30 Sizes 386 pieces

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Product description

An O-ring is a donut, or torus shaped seal typically used to prevent the passing of air or fluid. In other words, O-rings are used to keep fluid or air IN or OUT of a defined space. O-rings can be used for more than preventing air or fluid from passing; they are also used as drive belt, decorative objects on furniture, cups and automotive parts and also used as body jewelry. O-ring kits in a wide variety of materials are in-stock, containing hundreds of  o-rings and metric o-rings in a range of popular sizes. Order online today from the world’s largest o-ring inventory network for fast service and reliable shipping.

we offers O-ring kits in popular materials such as Nitrile, Highly Saturated Nitrile, Viton , EPDM and Silicone. O-ring Kits are an excellent tool for shops, maintenance workers, or crews out in the field. manufactures O-ring kits which are ideal for away sites, maintenance dept etc. These kits have assorted sizes of high-quality O-rings which comes handy during emergency replacements and reduces downtime drastically.

All O-rings are manufactured from special multi-cavity flash-less tooling & regular compounds, hence there is no compromise in the quality of O-rings & yet our rates are very competitive. We can offer these kits in standard, metric & Japanese standard sizes in various polymers, Nitrile (NBR) & FKM (Viton®) O-ring kits being ex-stock in our inventory.

We offer a direct approach to purchasing o-rings from one of the largest inventories in the sealing industry. This is a compact and very useful sealing kit which is applicable in industries including hydraulic and pneumatic operations.


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