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Blue Point Battery Tester, BLPBBTP612

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• 1)  Charging system testing: pressing the up arrow displays the
captured high voltage from the alternator
• 2) Detachable Test Lead: 50cm/2”
• 3) Screen Size: 76mm x 39mm
• 4) Voltmeter: 7.6V ~ 17V via Battery Clamp
• 5)  Weight: 0.52kg
•  6) Clamp Size: 90mm
• 7) Multi Languages Display: English, German, Italian, Portuguese

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Product description

Integrated thermal printer battery tester, Designed for testing all types of 6V and 12V starter batteries, including lead-acid, gel and AGM, Bad cell detection capability. Voltmeter mode for testing both the starter and the charging system, Anti-sparking clamps for safe operation. Back-lit Display, 4 Lines 16 Characters LCD for easy viewing. Designed with the technician in mind, the button layout and housing allows for one-handed operation. Test Range : 100-1400 CCA Starter system testing: pressing the down arrow displays the captured voltage from cranking the engine


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