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3/8 inch Coolant Pipe Hose 1 Feet 12 inch

450.00 300.00


Product description

We are one of the leading Adjustable flexible coolant pipe manufacturers and suppliers in India.
Our adjustable flexible coolant pipes are specially designed to allow coolant flow right on the tool. We use high grade Metal and PVC for flexible coolant pipes. These pipes help the clients in chemical industry to make huge savings by working efficiently. We have Flexible coolant pipe with and without magnetic base. We also have hose system accessories like nozzle, nipple, reducer/ adapter, Y fittings, I.D. Links etc. We offer these coolant flexible pipes and accessories at most competitive prices. Plastic flexible coolant pipe are rigid in nature but most convenient and flexible to work with. Flexible machine coolant pipe / flexible coolant tubes are manufactured from engineering thermoplastic- Nylon material. These plastic coolant hose has high impact strength and is adjustable at any length. They are available in different sizes – diameter and length.


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