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Diaphragm Valve - Steel Body & Brass Body

Diaphragm Valves have excellent shut-off and flow control characteristics. diaphragm valves are used primarily for A flexible molded diaphragm regulates flow, provides tight shutoff, and isolates the fluid from its operator. The valve consists of the body, diaphragm, and hand wheel assembly. Their simple design and wide choice of materials make them ideal for corrosive, abrasive, erosive, hygienic and sanitary service applications.

Diaphragm valves consists of a valve body with two or more ports, an elastomeric diaphragm, and a “weir or saddle” or seat upon which the diaphragm closes the valve. The valve body may be constructed from plastic, metal, wood or other materials depending on the intended use. diaphragm valves application and diaphragm and valves